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We look for a partner in order to organize a production of Fruit, vodka, wine, preserve, juices

“Taron” joint stock Company was founded in 1980 and is located in Yeghegnadzor town Republic of Armenia Vayots Dzor province.

The company has 0.2863 hectare area, a two stored building. Each floor has 4.5 meters height. Every floor has 1200m2 surface. The company has own electric substation and permanent water.
“Taron” joint stock company is the Successor of Yeghegnadzor knitting factory. It is planned to use the second floor for knitting factory.

Vayots Dzor province is known for high-quality, sweet and ecologically clean fruits and berries, black and white Areny type grapes, apricote, peach, pear, apple, plum, nuts, hip etc. There are only wine factories which cannot store all fruit harvest. Studying the types of fruits, prices and evaluating our opportunities we think our company can work in this direction. We think preparatory works will last about one year. The product sales will begin from the second year. We expect profit after five years
It is necessary to do some refurbishment works, to build a boiler house, gas pipline 120 meters, to build pantry, refrigerator and to gain modern quipments and containers...

We expect from our partners:

a) Financial investment, we give dividends from profit.
b) Aportion of the share sale, depending on the size of investments.
c) Establishment of a Joint company.

Additional questions will be discussed during our meeting.

Yeghegnadzor, Region Vayots Dzor
Republic of Armenia
Hayk Isakhanyan
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